Let me tell you a secret: even with two degrees in English and having been an English teacher for twelve years, I am only now really starting to see myself as a writer. It's true. This fact makes me feel like a bit of a fraud, but since I have always been the one who knew exactly what I was going to do with my life, even at age four, discovering this in my thirties is kind of cool.

I'm Heather. I am married to my high school sweetheart and best friend. We have one amazing little girl. She is seriously the smartest, sweetest and most beautiful human being. I live in my dream house on a 200 acre farm. The farm was never part of my vision for my life, but now I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I teach high school English. I realized recently that I have taught nearly 2,000 students already. This amazes me. My kids are incredible, and though they are sometimes in competition to see who can turn my hair gray first, I can't imagine doing anything else than going to high school every day. I am passionate about college sports.

I have been a bad home decor and craft blogger for a few years. As in, sometimes many months go by between posts. I loved doing the projects, but I realized that I was crafting in order to have a reason to write, rather than just writing. So now I'm just writing. And publishing. This is even bigger, because sharing my work has never been easy for me. It's also the part that is most often missing from the classroom. 

My hope for this space is that it be a place I can write about the process of writing, share my writing, and maybe throw in some posts on teaching writing. And I'm sure some book reviews will sneak their way in. Writers must also be readers.

So, welcome. Thanks for stopping by. 

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