When Brooke Burrow's longtime boyfriend dumps her on the night she expected a proposal, she realizes every plan she's made for the last four years has had nothing to do with what she wants or who she is. Or was. A chance encounter, however, brings a friend into her life who seems to understand, if not who Brooke was, at least who she has the potential to be. And that changes everything.

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from the preface to What Teaching Means, written by Dan Boster: "Many people are struck by the fact that teachers’ voices are often absent from the public dialogue about teaching and education. Politicians, corporate interests, and pundits tend to have the loudest voices, and they control those conversations. Again, there are reasons for this. Teachers’ opinions aren’t often solicited, and, when teachers do enter the political realm, the public often finds their involvement distasteful. While some educators make it a point to be involved in politics by working through local and national educators’ associations, most teachers are simply too busy. Often, we don’t have time to set aside our work as teachers to join the political fray. We don’t hire our own lobbyists. Frankly, most of us would rather be in the classroom with our students.

But when teachers fail to tell their stories, something crucial is lost. Wisdom wrought from experience is neglected. Like most teachers, I read dozens of articles and books about teaching every year. I look for ways to improve my practice and better serve my students. I continue to go to school myself and am involved in conversations with teachers all over the country. I have learned a great deal from all of this, and I am a vastly better teacher for it. However, for the most part, I, too, am guilty of not speaking out enough. This entire project is an effort to allow teachers’ voices to be heard..

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