Saturday, July 18, 2015

I'm Good At a Lot of Things...

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But maintaining a blog is not one of them. You would think I'd know this by now.

I just stumbled upon my first failed blog a few minutes ago. I last posted there in 2011. It was a crafty/home decor blog back when everyone had a crafty/home decor blog. It was fun until it wasn't.

Then there was the class/TpT website that was going to be both a place for me to communicate with my students and market my Teachers Pay Teachers business, Room 215 Happenings. Once school started, though, I was too busy teaching to be much of a teacherpreneur (which is how it should be, I think, really). And while I posted assignments for awhile, it quickly became clear that only one of my ninety students was using it, and given the emails I would get if assignments weren't posted within five minutes of the final bell, it became clear that it was actually his parents who were using it. (Seriously, I had over 1,000 page hits from the same IP address in a two month period. It was a very bizarre situation.) I decided I wasn't going to allow parents to use my website as a bullying tool, so I just stopped using it. It's there, and it's a space when I need a place to put a link for kids to access.

Now I really am wanting to do more with my TpT store, in part because while there are some fantastic resources there (and some lovely labels-hint, hint, wink, wink), many of the resources can still breed the worksheet mentality I see too often in teachers. I want to write about HOW to use the resources as practice instead of as an activity. I want to do my part to help my colleagues think deeply about their practice. But I need to separate it from my class website because my classroom is no longer Room 215! I didn't move, but they are renumbering. I'm not changing my store because that's too much work for something that really won't matter (I don't think my customers care what my classroom number is).  But for school I need to be consistent.

And, of course, I need to do a better job keeping up here. Which is why I wrote those two long paragraphs above. Just like when writing a novel, sometimes you just have to WRITE, I have done quite a bit of writing this summer, including the opening scene for novel #2. The rest of it is still playing out in my head, but it is significant that I have finally set Aaron and Brooke aside and moved on to the new guys (the narrator still doesn't have a name, which may be my next post).

So, a thousand years later, I've written something for anything out there who might still be reading.

Until next time.

(And there really will be a next time. Soon. I promise.)

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