Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Putting Books in Kids' Hands

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The title above has many meanings:

1. It's my favorite part of my job. I LOVE finding the right book for the right kid. I love seeing them get lost in a book, and I feel great pride and like a good teacher when I'm the one who found that book for them.

2. It's our responsibility as adults. I want my students to be independent readers, and part of that is finding books on thier own. But that takes time. It also takes teaching. As adults--teachers, parents, librarians, booksellers--it is up to us to help teach children to find books they love. For me this means keeping a library of over 800 books in my classroom, checking out books from the public library and letting my students read them, buying books I think they will love, etc.

3. It's the title of my curret Donors Choose project. Donors Choose is a fantastic organization that allows teachers to post their needs and people interested in investing in students to make a donation towards those needs. My current project, when funded, will provide 50 books (over $500 worth) to my kiddos. Right now I have 66 students. I will have at least that many again in the spring. Former students come back by to check out books. I have random students I've never met come see me for books because word gets around that I have them. Right now I have the chance to get this project funded through Sonic's Limeades for Learning initiative. Between now and October 26th, go to https://www.limeadesforlearning.com/projects/1321095 and vote for my project. Share via the site and get more votes. If you go to Sonic during this time, you should get a sticker on your drink cup or bag with extra vote codes. You can enter them at the link above.

My students are so excited about this. Please vote and share to help me provide them with the books they need to become lifelong learners and readers.

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